Chilean Walnuts with Shell – Premium Walnuts with Shell (1kg)


With shells so hard, they resist them all, A nut so rich, in flavor and taste, A treasure that’s hidden, within its embrace.

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Crack open the shell, with a gentle touch, Reveal the nut, that’s loved so much, With a taste so bold, and a texture so fine, Walnuts with shell, a treat so divine.

In salads and pastries, it adds a crunch, A flavor so nutty, it’s hard to misjudge, A fragrance that’s earthy, and truly unique, Walnuts with shell, a flavor so chic.

With its rugged shell, and a nut that’s so pure, Walnuts with shell, an ingredient so sure, A gift from nature, with stories untold, A treasure that’s precious, and forever to behold.

Let us savor, this gift of delight, Walnuts with shell, a nut’s pure sight, A reminder of nature, and all its grace, A blessing to enjoy, in every taste we embrace.


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