CHINGS CHOWMEIN Masala (New) 5 sachets


Add some oil, start the stir-frying, With veggies and meat, let it dance, Toss in CHINGS Chowmein Masala, enhance.

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Spices from far and wide, Expertly mixed, no need to hide, The secret’s out, for all to see, CHINGS Chowmein Masala, the key.

Noodles cooked to perfection, Joined by the masala, a tasty connection, A dish so simple, yet so grand, CHINGS Chowmein Masala, a wonderland.

So let your taste buds take a ride, With CHINGS Chowmein Masala by your side, A meal so good, it’ll make you grin, CHINGS Chowmein Masala, let the feast begin.


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