Chings Sweet Corn soup 55 g


Ching’s Sweet Corn Veg Soup 60g
(Low fat) Low Cholesterol)

Not only do our soup taste great but also beneficial to health, They have more nutrients, low fat, low cholesterol and are easier, on the digestive system. Soups an integral part of every Chinese meal and is chosen to compliment the dishes being served, Soups provide a textural contrast act as instant internal warm-up and of course quench the thirst in china soups are had throughout the meal not just at the beginning. Try our other taste & healthy soups.

Ingredients: Corn starch, salt sugar, flavour enhancer E8211, dehydrated onions, dehydrated vegetables, soy sauce powder, vinegar powder, spices(chilli red, white pepper green chilli,), dehydrated garlic, Acidlty regulator E330)

Natural colour: Caramal E150, Edilbe vegetable oil Cobtains

Permitted natural colours

How to Prepare:
1. Empty ching’s secret hot & sour veg soup powder unto a pan add 600ml (4cups of water) and stir well so that no limps are formed
2. Put on gas burner and bring to boil string constantly
3. Simmer for 2 minutes serve hot


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