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Chappan Bhog Fruit Pack of Custard Apple Powder (250 gm)

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From this fruit, a powder is born, A form that can be savored, from dusk to dawn, Custard apple powder, so versatile and fine, A taste that will linger, and forever entwine. In desserts and smoothies, it adds a touch of class, A flavor that's exotic, and hard to surpass, A fragrance that wafts, from far away, Custard apple powder, a treat every day. With its creamy texture, and tropical flair, Custard apple powder, it's beyond compare, A taste that's rare, and a sight to behold, A treasure from nature, with stories untold. Let us savor, this precious delight, Custard apple powder, a fruit's pure delight, A gift from nature, with every bit we take, A reminder of its goodness, with every taste we make.