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Chilli Pilli

Chilli Pilli Kenyan Salsa Kachumbari 400g (Pack of 2)

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Tomatoes, onions, and peppers in a mix, With a splash of lemon, and cilantro for kicks, Kachumbari salsa, a burst of flavor so bright, A dish that will make your taste buds take flight. With its crispy texture, and tangy zest, Kachumbari salsa, it's simply the best, In salads and wraps, it adds a burst of taste, A flavor so unique, it's hard to replace. With its roots so deep, in Kenyan soil, Kachumbari salsa, it's a dish that's loyal, To its African heritage, and all its grace, A symbol of culture, that's hard to erase. Let us savor, this gift of delight, Kachumbari salsa, a dish's pure sight, A reminder of culture, and all its might, A blessing to enjoy, in every bite.